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Fundraising at LEAP

The LEAP School Council would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the cake sale fundraiser for Water AID and Islamic Relief. Many members of staff donated cakes and money. 

We have raised over £140 pounds!

See the yummy cake photos below: 

Cake Sale 1Cake Sale 2

Cake Sale 3 



LEAP students are meeting to discuss their WWWs and WBIs for the school. All students will be electing their favourite candidate for Student Councillor on Friday, 24th November 2023!

IMG 6743

IMG 6742

IMG 6741

IMG 6740


Student Voice and the Round Table Discussion

LEAP students participated in a round table discussion on youth violence and violence against women, following the release of the book by Nobel laureate, world-renowned doctor and human rights activist, Dr Denis Mukwege, who has dedicated his life to caring for victims of sexual violence.

Our LEAP students were interviewed and BBC journalist Sanchia Berg recorded their contributions for the BBC Radio 4 programme.


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