School Governors

The governing body, known as the Management Committee, meets termly and is supported by the Business Committee. 

The table below shows all current members of London East AP Management Committee.


Position Held Other Commintments
Chris Weavers Community Member of Business & Personnel Committees

Chris Weavers works for NASUWT - The Teachers’ Union, where he leads the union’s political engagement as well as relationships with a wide range of external organisations, both domestically and internationally. 

He previously worked for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, advising and supporting the local authority’s majority group on policy and political matters. 
Outside work, Chris is very active in the governance of public bodies, addressing issues including education, crime and housing. He is also a trustee of a number of local and national charities.
Kerrigen Marriner LA Appointed Member Link for Safeguarding & Looked After Children
Head of Support for Learning Services, LBTH

I became an Associate Member of the GB in March 2016 and a permanent member in January 2017.

I am the Local Authority governor and represent Tower Hamlets Education and Partnerships directorate. I am also the Chair of the Fair Access Panel which ensures that all children in Tower Hamlets that transfer schools as a result of a Managed Move or an exclusion, or who come into the borough from elsewhere and need additional support have access to a high quality educational placement. I therefore work very closely with London East AP as part of my day-to-day work and they are equally members of the FAP panel.

I have worked in Tower Hamlets for over 12 years and I am really committed to helping schools and families to access the best possible support to ensure great outcomes.

Astrid Schon Headteacher Member of Business and Curriculum Committees (ex officio)

I became Head teacher of London East Alternative Provision in September 2020.

I am absolutely committed to supporting pupils to achieve their potential despite the challenges so many face. At London East we are transforming lives and I am proud to be part of this success. I am very lucky to work with such a supportive and skilled Management Committee.

Alasdair Macdonald LA Appointed Member Strategy & Vision

Alasdair was Headteacher of Morpeth School in Tower Hamlets for 21 years up to August 2013. During that period, attainment at the school rose significantly and OFSTED inspections in both 2007 and 2013 rated morpeth as Outstanding. The school was featured as onr of the 12 schools in the OFSTED publication 'achieving against the odds' as well as being the London Evening Standard's first ever 'Most Improved School'

Prior to this Alasdair worked in a range of roles in schools in London but also in Malawi and Papua New Guinea. He was a member of the Department for Education's Headteacher Reference Group and was asked by the Secretary of State to lead a national review of Personal, Social and Health Education. In 2003 he was awarded the CBE and in 2009 he was Knighted for services to education, both in Tower Hamlets and nationally. He is currently working for the Welsh Government as Advocate for the Pupil Deprivation Grant and also on the board that is developing a Leading Academy. He is also working as a Headteacher Mentor in several Local Authorities and has carried out research into Education in Prisons.

Jemima Reilly Co-opted  Headteacher Morpeth Secondary School 

I have worked at Morpeth Secondary School for over twenty years, as Headteacher for the past five. As a close neighbour of London East AP we have often worked together to support the young people in our care and I look forward to strengthening that relationship and developing my understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the school. Equally, I think I will bring a useful perspective and hope to be able to support in the exciting times which undoubtedly lie ahead. 

VACANT Parent  


Claire Frost Community  

Claire Frost is an experienced senior leader in secondary schools in London. She works as an Assistant Headteacher in a large secondary mainstream school in Waltham Forest and brings a balanced and well-informed view to our management committee meetings with regards to Inclusion and SEND.

Helen Byrne Co-opted Chair of Business Committee

I am currently a Programme Director in the Strategy team at Barts Health NHS Trust. I have worked at the Trust for 5 years, and was previously Director of Operations at Whipps Cross hospital 

I joined the GB in March 2016, having heard about it through the Royal London Hospital school, which is part of London East AP. I felt I wanted to give something back in the LB of Tower Hamlets given the population profile and the number of young people in the Borough. I wanted to play a part in alternative provision as opposed to mainstream. 

Jenny Miller Community Member of Business Committee

Jenny Miller works for the local authority in Family Intervention, Advice and Support and is an engaged and experienced management committee governor at LEAP. Her understanding of local issues and the context of LEAP have been invaluable in her support and contributions in Management Committee meetings.

Asad Muzammal Clerk

Asad is a highly experienced Local Authority Governor Services Officer, with several years of clerking experience covering all types and phases of schools.  Asad is also able to support the Management Committee through drawing on his experiences as a current school Governor, as a previous member of a LA Children Services Scrutiny Committee and LA Schools Funding Forum and his previous role as a School Business Manager. Asad is a trustee of a National Charity (Tax Volunteers) and also supports the local community by organising regular cycle rides in the area through his work with British Cycling.

Raihan Islam


Raihan's experience spans over a decade, focusing on assisting young individuals and families with the challenges they face. He specialises in addressing issues related to exploitation, youth conflicts and educational barriers. Raihan holds the role of Child Protection Coordinator/Deputy DSL at LEAP, fulfilling the safeguarding role and partnering with agencies to to provide support to students.

Beyond his role at LEAP, Raihan is involved in numerous community initiatives, previously hosting a radio talk show where he amplified voices and consulted the community on current affairs. Presently, he leads community organisations, engaging in efforts ranging from combating far-right extremism to mediating youth conflicts. Moreover, as an eager political activist, Raihan advocates for constructive dialogues within the community to shape narratives that serve its best interests.

Steven Farmer

Steven has been a secondary school teacher since 1997 and Deputy Headteacher at Oaklands School in Tower Hamlets since 2014, where he leads on inclusion and safeguarding. He is also an experienced governor, having served on the governing body of a local primary school before joining the management committee at LEAP. He is very committed to supporting children and families in the borough, where he is also a resident.



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