Exam Results

Exam success is only one of a number of pupil outcomes we value at London East AP.

Pupils who find themselves at London East AP in the coming years can have confidence that they will be helped to achieve their potential in a wide range of academic and vocational subjects.

The prospects for children excluded from school are bleak. Only 4 per cent go on to pass their English and maths GCSEs, and half fail to sustain employment, education or training post-16. (data: 18 September 2023)

At LEAP, our students are achieving great success in their exams. They are more than three times as likely to score grades 4 and above (which are considered good passes) compared to students in similar schools across the country. We're really proud of their hard work and dedication!

Only 7% of our students are not in education, employment, or training (NEET) after leaving LEAP. This is significantly lower than the national average of 49% for alternative provision schools. It shows how well we're preparing our students for their future, whether that's further education, apprenticeships, or employment.

2022-2023 GCSE Results LEAP

English GCSE 2023

Grade 1-9  78%

Grade 4+ 17%

Grade 4+ including Level 2 Functional Skills 25%

Maths GCSE 2023

Grade 1-9  73%

Grade 4+ 12%

Grade 4+ including Level 2 Functional Skills 22%

5+ GCSE grades 4+, including English & Maths: 10%

5+ GCSE grades 1-9, including English & Maths: 48%

English & Maths Grade 4+: 14%


LEAP NEET (NOT in Employment, Education or Training) figures 2022-2023:

June 2023: 4%

2022-2023 average: 7%



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