Rewards at LEAP

As of September 2023, LEAP has a new rewards policy.

We are implementing it in stages throughout the academic year but it has made a huge impact on staff and student relationships and morale so far! 

All students at LEAP are rewarded for attendance and punctuality daily.

They can also achieve reward points for a whole host of other behaviours including: positive interactions with staff, hard work in class, acts of kindness around the building, moving up grades in their baselines or mocks etc.  

All staff at LEAP can award points no matter their position and no one can take points away or issue points for negative behaviours.

We use Classcharts to award points, which all staff and students have their own log in for. Staff can award points on the move through the app so no reward worthy behaviour goes unrewarded! 

Students have their own log in which they can use to see their points balance or cash in for a reward. Rewards range from £10 JD Sports vouchers to cinema trips to Apple AirPods.


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