Literacy & Reading at LEAP

Literacy & Reading at LEAP


'Literacy is the ability to read, write, speak and listen in a way that lets us communicate effectively and make sense of the world'.

Our aim is for the teaching and learning of literacy to be embedded into the visible culture of the school; with the goal of improving both learning and life outcomes for our pupils. All staff consistently incorporate the most effective literacy strategies in their lessons. This currently includes robust vocabulary instruction, which then leads from word-to-sentence level, in order to develop pupils' writing skills


At KS3 we have weekly reading sessions where students read in groups, with support. Our aim is to promote reading for pleasure and enjoyment so we set up the sessions to be relaxed and fun.

Reading for pleasure has many non-literacy-based benefits as it can increase empathy, improve relationships and improve mood and wellbeing. There are high number of students with special needs at KS3 and SEN students are given the opportunity to both join the group and read 1:1 with a teacher. 

In addition, we have built a small library with a range of books for all abilities. We have carefully selected a range appropriate for our cohort. We have tried to both appeal to our cohort and stretch/ challenge them to encourage students to explore diverse genres, themes and cultures. 

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