More able students at LEAP

LEAP – our able cohort of students at KS4


At LEAP we challenge our students to achieve their full potential. To ensure this we have a more academic form class called 11E. 11E was created with the sole purpose to push our students to aim higher.

Afroja Rahman is the main academic mentor for this cohort.

Students are carefully chosen for this class based on

·         Academic achievement

·         High motivation

·         Excellent behaviour

For all the students in 11E we have the vision that we can offer a tailored curriculum so that they can all progress to post-16 education. We do this by offering a broad selection of GCSES and one to one mentoring weekly. All subject teachers communicate and share praise and concerns so we always can support them every step of the way.

The best part of 11E is the exclusive opportunity to participate in different workshops, visits and presentations. For example, last year students were able to participate in work experience for the Department for Education (DfE) and visited the careers live event to get a better understanding of the world of work after year 11. They also visited Queen Mary

University to experience what higher education is like.

11E allows students to flourish and get personalised support. If students want to apply for certain courses or apprenticeships, we offer help and guidance with this. We help students research and apply successfully to places they are interested in. Last year all students had confirmed places at college and sixth form. We closely monitor these students and liaise with parents at all times to help them through year 11 and beyond.  



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