Academic Intervention Teacher

Academic Intervention Teacher at LEAP

London East AP is part of the AP Specialist Taskforce pilot by the Department for Education, which is funded to support the prevention of serious youth violence in our local communities as part of the Serious Violence Policy and Strategy at the Preventing Serious Violence Unit

As part of this programme, London East AP has created an Alternative Provision Specialist Taskforce that includes a range of professionals, from additional Speech and Language Therapists to additional counsellors, a social worker, a Youth Offending team worker, parenting support workers and an Academic Intervention Teacher.

The role of Academic Interventions Teacher is designed to support our most challenging and vulnerable 20% of students, those who struggle to come to school for a variety of reasons, be that parental inability to support, educational neglect, social and emotional anxiety, lack of routines from home, or a sheer lack of aspirations and motivation to succeed. We also chose this cohort as they are particularly vulnerable to being either perpetrator or victims (or both) of serious youth violence.

We are looking to support this cohort with additional care from a member of staff who is able to build a rapport with our students and their families, who understands the challenges our students face and who is able to engage and build positive relationships with them.

As a result, we expect that students will feel more comfortable and enabled to attend school and better engage with the support we can offer on site at LEAP.

Additionally, the Academic Interventions Tutor will be supporting the chosen cohort with English and Maths skills, either through 1-2-1 sessions or small group tuition, to enable them to feel confident about returning into the classroom and to feel better equipped and empowered to follow the curriculum.

This role is a comprehensive pastoral as well as academic role, designed to focus on those students who struggle to come to school and access teaching and learning at LEAP.

It will require building strong and trusting relationships with students and their parents who are resistant to working with professional support, liaising with social workers and external agencies, to ensure all professionals are in the loop and able to encourage better engagement with education.

The role of the Academic Intervention Tutor is essential in gaining access to students who would ordinarily refuse to come to school and struggle to achieve the necessary qualifications that will allow them to reach their potential and go on to lead successful lives.

This is a role that could potentially change a student’s trajectory and have a lasting positive impact on their engagement with education, their view of professionals, their perception of their self-worth and ability.


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