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For some students, the relationship with the mainstream school has not completely broken down, and the school are looking for some additional support in understanding a student.

If this is the case, schools will refer students for a RIG where students remain on the roll of their mainstream school but attend LEAP to try and achieve some bespoke targets that are decided between the mainstream school, LEAP and parents.

In a RIG, an identified member of staff from the mainstream school will visit and monitor the student at LEAP for the 8 week period. LEAP will further assess the student and work on plugging any academic gaps, but also develop a set of recommendations and strategies for teachers, parents and the student to use when they return to their mainstream school.

A RIG can work very successfully as a way of re-setting and re-establishing good behaviour patterns for students. It can also help develop understanding of a students needs in the classroom setting.

At the end of the 8 weeks, LEAP will support the transition of the student back into their school and monitor this.

If you would like to talk further about these processes, please contact
Claire Trevaskus, Deputy Head in charge of Inclusion and KS3:

If you need to know more information about Tower Hamlets Fair Access Panel, please contact Stuart Young, Head of FAP.


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