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Curriculum Overview

The aims of our curriculum are:

  • To provide a balanced, accessible and relevant range of learning experiences
  • To know our students - their strengths, interests and needs – and use this knowledge to make the best possible personalised offer to them
  • To develop our students as learners and as people such that they are confident and able to secure and sustain positive, meaningful and relevant post 16 destinations
  • To provide our students with the most up to date information, advice and guidance on opportunities that they will have after leaving

The Key Stage 3 Offer

Students at Third Base, our key stage 3 centre, are being prepared for their return to school.

The aims of the key stage 3 curriculum are:

  • To prepare pupils for a reintegration back in to a mainstream school or other appropriate educational centre
  • To assess all pupils to identify additional needs & make appropriate and relevant referrals to support pupils on their return to school
  • To give pupils an opportunity to address the reasons why they are no longer in their previous school & to demonstrate that they are in a position to return to a mainstream environment
  • To work with families to support their child’s education
  • To support schools & pupils to give them the best opportunity to make a successful transition


Initial Assessment

  • All students are assessed so that we have an understanding of their capabilities & their needs.
  • We look at data from their previous schools to see what levels they have achieved & what progress they have been making
  • Each pupil is made aware of the reasons for their no longer being in mainstream. They may disagree with them but they need to take account of them. Targets are set from this point.

The Curriculum - Literacy and Numeracy

  • For many students limitations in their literacy & numeracy skills has an overwhelming impact on their ability to access a mainstream curriculum
  • Every day all students have a literacy & numeracy lesson. A progress record is kept for each student showing skills covered & progress made

The Curriculum – Competencies

  • Our Curriculum is designed to cover all of the competencies required for a successful school career
  • These competencies reflect the main concerns raised by schools when referring students to us
  • Our curriculum follows a two weekly project cycle
  • Each project will focus on one particular area of concern and will give students an opportunity to demonstrate a variety of school skills
  • Over an 8 to 10 week period students will cover a range of topics addressing the areas of concern.


  • Rules and authority
  • Communication
  • Planning my future
  • Celebrating success and developing new skills
  • Identity and self-image
  • Safety
  • Tolerance and respect
  • Managing feelings

The breakdown of teaching hours per week is as follows:

English 3 lessons per week

Literacy 1 lesson per week

Reading 1 lesson per week

Maths 3 lessons per week

Numeracy 1 lesson per week

PSHE 2 lessons per week

SRE 1 lesson per week

Music/Media 3 lessons per week

Art 3 lessons per week

PE 3 lessons per week


Most KS3 pupils are entered for Functional Skills in English and maths during their time at Third Base.  Pupils are also able to complete a selection of AQA unit awards. 


The Curriculum – Enrichment

A small number of pupils are also able to complete the Bronze Arts Award which is a Level 1 course that allows pupils to be accredited for particular competencies.

A programme of curriculum enrichment takes place every Friday this includes:

·         Art

·         Bike Maintenance

·         Construction

·         Music

·         Hair & Beauty

·         Hospitality & Catering

·         LIFE Award (Local Intervention Fire Education) at Shadwell Fire Station â€‹


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