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Letters to parents

Dear Parents

Following most recent developments on the new Covid 19 variants having been identified in Tower Hamlets, we have been advised by public health to encourage all staff, students and parents at LEAP to attend surge testing as soon as possible to eliminate any possible cases of the new variants in the area.

To help contain these variants of concern, everyone over the age of 11 in the defined areas is strongly advised to get tested, even if they don’t have symptoms.

Only one PCR test is required, LEAP will continue with twice weekly Lateral Flow Tests at school.

What is happening around surge testing in Tower Hamlets?

A number of cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19) variants of concern have been identified in some parts of Tower Hamlets. These variants of concern were first identified in Brazil and South Africa.

What is surge testing?

Surge testing is increased testing and enhanced contact tracing in specific locations in England. It involves testing of people who do not have any symptoms of coronavirus.

Why is surge testing so important?

Extensive surveillance of coronavirus has identified a number of cases of Covid-19 variants of concern in Tower Hamlets. We are using surge testing to:

  • monitor and suppress the spread of coronavirus
  • better understand variants

    It is not yet known just how readily these variants can spread, whether they can cause more severe disease, or if they can evade the vaccines - testing helps us learn more.

    Who needs to get a test?

    These variants have been identified around an area that includes parts of Bethnal Green, Stepney Green, St Peters and St Dunstan’s wards.


    Please see below link to the Tower Hamlets public information website regarding the surge testing:

  • Additional testing sites if you have no symptoms (opening from Monday 17 May 2021):

    · Whitehorse Lane, corner of Mile End Road, London, E1 4LR (opposite Stepney Green tube station)

    · Tesco Superstore, Hancock Road, Bow, E3 3DA (left hand car park as enter)

    · Bethnal Green Road end of Weavers Field, near Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, E2 6HG

    · Chrisp Street Idea Store, East India Dock Road, E14 6BT

    · Island Health, 145 East Ferry Road, E14 3BQ (near Asda Superstore)

    · South side of Limehouse Station, 244 Ratcliffe Lane, E14 7JE

    Existing testing sites can now be accessed whether you have symptoms or not:

    ·         Idea Store Watney Market, 260 Commercial Street, E1 2FB

    ·         Jack Dash House, 2 Lawn House Close, E14 9YQ

    ·         Ecology Pavilion, Grove Road, Bow, E3 5TW​

    People can also book a test online, through the NHS Covid-19 app or by calling 119. If you have symptoms you must book a test via the national portal.


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