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Managed Moves

At KS3 and at KS4 main group provision, reintegration is at the core of our principles. We believe, as do the Tower Hamlets Fair Access Panel, that most students should have access to a second chance at mainstream education if things have gone wrong in their current school.

All students referred to us at KS3, and many students at KS4 come on a Manage Move. This entitles students to work towards making a move to another mainstream school with the support of LEAP.

Our system for reintegration has been successful over many years, with the vast majority of students who make the move back into mainstream being successful. We are proud of these achievements.

Our reintegration system works as follows:

  1. Referrals for a manage move are agreed by Tower Hamlets Fair Access Panel (FAP). Students are only referred through this route to us for main groups unless they have an EHCP in which case we are consulted by the borough via SEN section
  1. Once we have been allocated students via FAP, we will ask students to come for a week long induction period. During this time, we will assess students, for reading skills, academic ability and speech and language needs. We will also meet parents and carers and build up a picture of a student as well as explore the students’ own strengths and difficulties. At the end of this period the student will meet the Deputy Head for an intake.
  1. Once the student is in the building, we will work with them on their behaviour, learning and build up a further picture of any needs that the student might have and intervene with these. We expect students’ behaviour and attitude to learning to improve during the phase at LEAP, and for students to also start to reflect and consider how they are going to make a successful transition to a new school
  1. If students are deemed to be successfully moving towards reintegration, the student and parents can choose three schools that they would like to be allocated to. These must be Tower Hamlets schools; we can not move students into schools in other boroughs.
  1. These choices will be taken to FAP and a school placement will be agreed with a time frame for the mainstream school to take the student.
  1. LEAP will help liaise with the new mainstream school to set up meetings and ensure that there is a smooth transition between schools. We will provide a bespoke report on each students ensuring any interventions, or further understanding of a student’s needs is passed onto the new school. The new school will set targets and review these at 2,4,8, and 16 weeks
  1. At KS3, if requested, we will support the student in lesson for the first weeks, and with all students we review progress with the mainstream school.


A Failed Move

In a minority of manage moves, sometimes a student is not successful; there is a period for monitoring of students in their new school. If the mainstream school raises concerns, we will aim to support the student in the new school, but in some cases, students are deemed to have failed a move and they return to LEAP.

Time frames

Time frames for a manage move are suggested at 8 weeks. This is if the student is working consistently towards the goals that have been set. If students need longer and to establish successful patterns of behaviour, this time frame will be extended. The point of students coming to LEAP is to reflect, reset and re-engage students, often this can take longer than 8 weeks and is totally dependent upon the attitude of the student.


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