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Testimonials from parents

From: SS
Sent: 04 April 2019 19:06

To: Admin at London East Alternative Provision
Subject: Zombies Unleashed - Attention Tim

Dear Tim,

I cannot complement you, Vardar and your team highly enough over the unmitigated  success of "Zombies Unleashed", it far exceeded any expectations that I had. I know that my grandson, LS, thoroughly enjoyed his involvement and I am sure that is true of all of those that took part. The kids that you help should look at this film and recognise exactly what they are capable of and be very proud of what they have collectively achieved and once they realise what they can achieve it will hopefully motivate them for the future, the only limitations they have to future success is in their own minds, what they have achieved with this film should completely dispel any doubts they might have about their capabilities.

Whilst writing I will take the opportunity to thank you for the work you did with LS, the change in his attitude to education is amazing, as demonstrated by his asking me what qualifications he would need to study law with a view to training as a solicitor! I'm sure he will still have his moments but to date the only communication we have had from his school is one commending him on a reading he made at assembly! What a difference to the regular meetings we attended at his secondary school! The change in LS I attribute entirely to the time he spent at LEAP and the thoroughly professional team there, dedicated to helping kids that have slipped off the rails, thank you.

Yours truly,





Hello Astrid,


I hope that you and everyone at LEAP are well.


It is not possible for me to convey in words the sincerest gratitude I would like to express to you and your team for helping my daughter, and I, so much this year.

The improvement in A's grades and emotional wellbeing are an reflection of all the behind-the-scenes, hard work, professionalism and commitment given to support her by you and your expert team.


LEAP is the only school in the world that could have achieved such a dramatic result. There is simply no way this miraculous turnaround could have happened in an expensive boarding school or anywhere else. LEAP is a unique, specialist school staffed by highly-trained experts and led by a fantastic headteacher. A played her part too. Her family and everyone else are extremely proud of her. She is walking on air at the moment. Annie says that she is now desperate to leave London, to be with me and to get on with her life. We are exploring options. 


Hopefully she can come to S soon. She wants to enrol for A levels online. She can study with me and others here. We are fortunate in that the compound where I live is packed full of teachers and lecturers in a range of subjects.  We can easily arrange private tutoring. In addition to the academic and emotional progress, A has also developed good, independent learning skills this year. 


A is the international youth ambassador for literacy and she has applied to become a youth ambassador for the International Literacy Association. Hopefully A can use her inspirational story to cascade what she has learned at LEAP to other young girls and inspire them to study, develop literacy skills and increase their life opportunities, if she wants. At least we will have the opportunity to spend time together and do lots of travel and other interesting things.  You will be kept updated on As progress.


It surely has been an extremely unique and surreal last twelve months. However, thanks to LEAP, as Shakespeare said: 'All's well that ends well'. A now has a strong foundation to build upon.


Please pass on my gratitude to your team for such an incredible, well done, job.

Good luck in your new headteacher role too. 


You have already achieved a fantastic success with A. Long may your successes continue. I am sure they will.







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